I have a reel passion for telling stories though movement and light. I often achieve this with the latest technology like drones. As a DOP and lighting cameraman I tend to have a more cinematic view of how to use the drone something I’m shore you can see even in my basic work. I worked and trained under DOP Christopher Hughes for many years and although he is used to more traditional methods he still greatly enjoys new technology and he has used me to do aril shots even when shooting on 16mm film.

This is a great example of my solo work with the Phantom 3. For this job I shot a series of 6 video’s shot in Nigeria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Marico, Spain and Denmark for the architectural award the Aga of KHAN shot for broadcast on local and international channels I was responsible for Camera, sound and Drone witch was quite a challenge but as you can see well worth it.

This is a shot of me getting ready to shoot on Zarrar.  Zarrar a feature film by Director and actor Shaan Shahid is to date the biggest project I’ve done for drone. It included complex drone shots in the mountains of Pakistan, in City centers both day and night as well as multiple shots around the UK including coordinating with a helicopter for aril tracking shots.