Show Reel

I have a real passion for telling stories though movement and light. I often achieve this with the latest technology like drones, Movi rigs and LED lighting. However that is not to say I don’t love using the traditional methods with Jibs and Dollies or HMI lighting. I worked and trained under DOP Christopher Hughes for many years a DOP who always said lighting is like painting and the lights are your brush. You can see allot of his more traditional influence in my work as well as my own more modern methods.

Zarrar the feature film is to date the biggest and most challenging thing I’ve shot for drama. Directed and staring one of Pakistan’s biggest actors Shaan Shahid.  The film was shot in Lahore studio’s and on location in the UK and Pakistan. I was tasked with creating a fast passed action film with lots of movement. Rather than relying on grading and post production my self and Shan wanted to create the look on set trough  lighting and camera movement. To achieve this I went to Pakistan with a carefully chosen selection of gels for lighting, a Alexa Mini with the newly released arri Raw and a Movi M15.

This is an example of 3 television adverts for Sony Entertainments new channel on Sky, True Crime. Each piece was designed to be an extract from a feature film. All 3 where shot in slow motion and would play in reverse. This project included working with some of the best lighting available in film from 18k HMI’s to the Kino flow’s Vista beam due to the lighting required for 2000 FPS shooting. And was Shot on a combination of Red Epic Dragon and the Phantom Flex high speed camera.

My real break in drama was as a DOP was back in 2010 on a feature called The wearhouse I was the A-camera operator for Christopher Hughes and Sam Edwards for most of the film and filled in as DOP when they where not available. Although it was a very low budget film it was a great beginning and I had the opportunity to light and frame many different types of senses

This is an example of my more recent work teaming up with director Nick Cohen