Career Highlights

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on a wide variety of projects as a cinematographer.  These are some of the projects that have shaped my career:

My first taste of film-making was with DOP Christopher Hughes helping to shoot showreels for the Agency ‘Faces’ in Brighton in 2006.

The first time I worked as Director of Photography was on the feature film, ‘The Wharehouse’, where I was second unit DOP in 2010.  Although shooting with very basic kit, I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity. It was my first time working as DOP after years studying and assisting Christopher Hughes. This was my first chance to try out the skills I had learned.

The short film, ‘Twisted Love’ in 2011, was the first time I shot slow motion.  One of the main shots – a track-out at 300 frames per second on the Red Epic – was one of the most challenging shots I’ve done to date.

The series of adverts I did for ”Visit Britain’ in the summer of 2014 represented a major step-up in my career as a DOP for advertising.  For this project I bought my first Gimble – the Movi M10 stabilisation Gimble.

Shooting for the England rugby team in 2015 as the lighting cameraman and Movi Rig operator with Stuart Lancaster, the England rugby coach, was a pleasure.  We shot a great piece showing off Twickenham Stadium with Stuart showing us around and taking about his career.

It’s all about Lighting and Movement.

I am a freelance Cinematographer and Movi Rig operator with an in-depth understanding of industry standard cameras and lighting. The majority of my work is advertising and film based including shoots for Coca-Cola, England Rugby and The British Tourist board. I’m now looking to develop my passion for lighting and camera in new and challenging projects.